THE Senior Golf Academy Of America


What a Golf School should be!

Located at the fabulous Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage, California

The Only Exclusive Seniors (50+) Golf School in the United States

Designed for Senior Golfers
Taught by Senior PGA Golf Professionals



Lost distance? Can’t get your fairway clubs airborne? Forgot how to get out of the sand? Lost confidence in your short game? Don’t know what shot to approach with and are just generally confused?

We understand. We’ve been there and can relate to your problems a lot better than many of the younger Pros. I know they mean well but realistically they often have a problem communicating with anyone over the age of 22. They just don’t teach that in “golf pro school”.

Our golf schools include four hours of instruction daily, plus lunch and a review of the morning’s progress. Students will have unlimited use of the practice facility, golf cart, video and a six-month follow up program. Students will also receive Jack’s book, Thought Reduction Golf as well as Jack’s Short Game Reminder Manual. Video from the lessons will be sent to the student’s home. if requested and all students will receive an optional, complimentary analysis of their golf clubs at the KZG Performance Center here in Palm Desert.

A nine-hole “playing lesson” may be included with our three-day school, if appropriate and is subject to golf course availability. A “playing lesson” is not to make swing changes and is productive only for better players who want to work on golf course strategy.



Experience has taught us that students benefit much more when working with their teacher alone than in a group. Couples also benefit when we can point out to each spouse what the other should be working on.



Arnold Palmer said, “Work with the golf swing you have and don’t try to swing like somebody else.” This is a principle we strongly believe in, especially when working with students who have been playing the game for several years. It is difficult enough to have a student make even a small adjustment in their grip without trying to have them remake their whole golf swing.

We start each golf school a detailed evaluation of each student’s golf swing, then discuss with each of them what we both feel is important and doable.

We will spend the most time working on things that all students can actually improve on such as balance, rhythm, timing, not gripping so tightly, reducing tension, alignment and “release” of the club head.

We will teach our students how to have better control of their club head.

With senior golfers, we often find that the most productive times are spent working on their short game. We even offer a two-day school just for this.

We will work on eliminating many of the unnecessary thoughts you may have while swinging the golf club.

We will encourage you to work on one thing at a time or possibly one thing on your back-swing and another as you swing through. The goal on the golf course will be to just envision the shot and swing. Our motto is “Think less-Play better” and all classes will stress that principle.

When we suggest you try something new or different, we will explain the reason why.

Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, we will show you how to better use your dominant hand and dominant side for power and direction.

We will show you how to gain much of your lost club head speed through proper use of your hands and arms.

We will show you what is meant by “release” of the club head.




We will not try to change your “swing plane” or “spine angle.”

We will not insist that you “turn your hips more” or “turn your shoulders” more than what is comfortable for you.

We will never have you try to have a “flat wrist” position at the top of your backswing.

We will never tell you to “use your core.”

We will never show you “smash factor”, “angle of attack” or “launch angle” just to show you we can read the graphs.

We will never tell you to hit with your left hand unless you are left-handed.

We will never hook you up to a bunch of wires unless you are in the emergency room.

We will never try to have you “change” your golf swing to copy some PGA Tour player or some model swing we envision.

We will never have you try to get your body in positions that are not comfortable for you but will show you how to “get out of your own way” as you develop better balance and a better “finish” without a lot of thought.

We will explain why you will never “hurt your back” if you simply allow your body to “react” to the swinging motion of the golf club.



You don’t have to be 50+ to take advantage of our Couples Golf School and we are pleased to welcome experienced couples of any age who:

  1. Want to improve their golf games together.
  2. Want to enjoy playing together more.
  3. Want to be more able to help each other improve.
  4. Want to be able to take their improvement to the golf course.

Spouses; if you are tired of hearing those old worn out comments like, “You looked up,” “You’re bending your left arm,” “You’re not following through” or other irrelevant comments, we will show him (or her) what they should look for in your golf swing that might actually help. We will also advise your spouse when they might be better off just not commenting. We know they mean well but need to realize that what might work for them or their playing buddies probably will not work for you.

This is our favorite golf school and it has proven to be an enjoyable experience for every couple we have taught. We enjoy this school so much that for this season we will only add $100 per day, for a spouse, onto the cost for an individual golf school. To make our Couples Golf School even more enjoyable, we invite you to bring another couple for half price.

Based on our price of $695 per student, we only add $100 for a spouse making the cost for a couple only $795. You can bring another couple for half price of $397.50 per day. This would bring the total cost to only $1192.50 or $596.25 for each couple. You do have to supply the other couple!



Jack Gibson
Life Member of the PGA of America

Golf Instruction

2004 GOLF Magazine nominee for
“Top 100 Teachers in America” 

Jack’s book, “Thought Reduction Golf”
is available from Amazon, on Kindle, or from Jack.

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