THE Senior Golf Academy


What a Golf School should be!

Located at the fabulous Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage, California

The Only Exclusive Seniors (50+) Golf School in the United States

Designed for Senior Golfers
Taught by Senior PGA Golf Professionals



Lost distance? Can’t get your fairway clubs airborne? Forgot how to get out of the sand? Lost confidence in your short game? Don’t know what shot to approach with and are just generally confused?

 We understand. We’ve been there and can relate to your problems a lot better than many of the younger Pros. I know they mean well but realistically they often have a problem communicating with anyone over the age of 22. They just don’t teach that in “golf pro school”.


Many of our students have asked for more time on the lesson tee or short game area while others felt they would benefit more from playing lessons. Others have asked for more video and have taken advantage of our follow up program and continue to send us a video of their progress. Others have told us that four hours on the practice tee, after being snowed in for six months, is just too long. Many have suggested more time to work on fundamentals or their short game.

While we realize we probably can’t design the “perfect” golf school for every student, we are making some adjustments for the season which we hope will do a better job of satisfying the needs of more students according to their past experience, ability, physical condition and desire to really improve. These programs are designed for either individual or couples.

We still get asked if we teach in a “group.” NO! All our Golf Schools are private lessons designed for a couple or individual. You will not be in a group.
Hours and costs are your choice and range from $130 for an individual lesson or $145 for a couple, and from $595 to $695 per day for a couples Golf School.


Over the past season, we have learned a couple of things about our 60+ students.

  1. Four hours on the lesson tee or short game area is often just too much instruction, especially in our sometimes very hot weather.
  2. Most of these students want to get on the golf course.

We continue to customize our classes according to the ability, condition, and desire of each student. On the first two days of our Super Senior School, students have the choice of three hours on the lesson tee or short game area than their choice of playing the golf course or returning to the lesson tee. The third day normally will be one-hour warm-up followed by a 9- hole playing lesson. Students may continue with their round or return to the lesson tee. Lunch is not included with this school.

The cost for the Super Senior School is only $495 per day which includes all fees, unlimited use of the lesson area, video, and a six-month follow-up program. We begin with an assessment of each students golf swing and offer a free assessment of the player’s golf clubs at the KZG Performance Center in Palm Desert.


For the better player or those who have the stamina for four hours of concentrated work on the lesson tee or short game area, our old standby School consists of four hours of instruction broken up with lunch. On the second or third day or possibly both, we have a nine-hole playing lesson, subject to golf course availability.

Our reduced price for the season is $595 per day which includes four hours of instruction, lunch, unlimited use of the practice facility, video, Jack’s book “Thought Reduction Golf,” a “Short Game Reminder” pamphlet, a six-month follow-up program and a 9-hole playing lesson if appropriate.


You don’t have to be 50 to take advantage of our popular Senior Couples Golf School and we welcome couples of any age who:

  1. Want to improve their golf games together.
  2. Want to enjoy playing together more.
  3. Want to be able to help each other improve.
  4. Want to be able to take their improvements to the golf course.

Spouses; if you are tired of hearing those worn out comments like, “You looked up.” Or “You’re bending your left arm,” “You’re not following through,” or other irrelevant comments, we can show him (or her) what to look for in the spouse’s swing that might actually help. We will also advise him or her when it might be best just to not say anything. We know they mean well but need to realize that what might work for them or their playing buddies might not work for you.

We are now able to offer our couples a choice of our regular four hours of instruction plus lunch or the less demanding three-hour program with more time on the golf course.


For many of our students, four hours on the lesson tee or short game area may be too much, even with a lunch break. This new three-hour program is also our choice for students who have been “snowed in” for weeks or months. Our price takes the $495 price for the individual Super Senior School and adds only $100 for the spouse for only $595 for the couple per day, $1785 for the three-day School.

The first day of the three-day school will be on the lesson tee and short game area and will leave time to play the golf course or return to the lesson area. Days two and three will include time for a nine-hole playing lesson or possibly two but should be determined after the first day. We are very flexible on the schedule and will be determined by what student and teacher feel will be more productive.



The regular Couples Golf School includes four hours of instruction plus a lunch break each day. It seems that experienced couples get the most out of this School. Being in a condition also helps. Our normal procedure is to have a playing lesson on the third day but may include one on the second day if appropriate, subject to golf course availability. The cost is $695 per day for the couple.

Both Couples Schools include all fees, video, follow up program, Jack’s book, “Thought Reduction Golf,” “Short Game Reminder” pamphlet and unlimited use of the lesson area. Lunch is included with the regular school.



We are now offering our Regular Senior Golf School to Twosomes or family members who play together regularly. Call us for prices and programs.


Many of our senior players say that their “short game” keeps them competitive but others say they have lost confidence or never really learned the right techniques they need. In our “Short Game” School, we teach both “old school” and “new school” methods to get the golf ball closer to the pin. Our regular Golf Schools teach much of what you will need to better this part of your game but if you would like to spend most of your lesson time on just your “short game” we can accommodate you. Just tell us what you would like to work on and we will design a school for you. Here is a sample of what you will learn:

  • Green reading
  • Anti-chunk chipping
  • Using a variety of golf clubs around the putting surface
  • Hitting from long grass close to the putting surface
  • Hitting from tight lies
  • Using the “bounce” of your wedges
  • The “lob” shot
  • The “hinge and hold”
  • Bunker shots from a variety of sand (or mud)
  • Why you don’t need to “follow through”
  • Different ways to grip your putter
  • Why your sand iron should be your “best friend”