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I recently retired and as a retirement gift my partners treated me to 3 days of lessons with Jack.   I have played and enjoyed golf for years but poorly and became very frustrated.  I feel Jack helped me a great deal and has made the game fun again.  I now know what to work on to improve and generally have a reasonable idea of what I am doing wrong.  Jack has a very nice approach and offers suggestions but does not try to completely change everything about your game right away.   He works on every portion of the game from the driver to putter.  The lessons were just what I needed.  Jack’s experience sets him above the rest and allows him to help any golfer regardless of level of play.   I would  recommend Jack to any golfer who would like to improve their game. I am looking forward to a refresher lesson as I continue to work on my golf.
– Mark G.

My husband and I totally enjoyed our 3 day golf academy with Jack Gibson. Jack is kind, patient and very good at seeing what keeps each of us from improving our scores! We’ve been practicing since and each feel much better about knowing what to work on. Don’t think twice! Jack’s your guy!
– Deina D.

Jack spotted my weaknesses quickly and we worked through those in an hour and a half. I left the lesson with an understanding of why I had lost power and was fading the ball and losing distance. I am a new golfer because of Jack! I highly recommend a lesson with Jack to help enjoy the game at your best potential.
– Moira O.

Jack is a no nonsense instructor. He has a keen eye for the golf game and his experience as a teacher of the game allows him to fine tune anyone’s golf skill set. He takes the game you have and tries to show you ways to improve versus some instructors who have one cookie cutter method. I would highly recommend him if you want to improve your game.
– Stone C.

Jack diagnosed my problems instantly and I started hitting the ball solidly in very short order. I greatly appreciate his making the golf learning experience both fun and simple. Would VERY definitely highly recommend his professionalism, humor and technique.
– Sandi R.

My husband and I got couples lessons from Jack while we were visiting. He was a great instructor and had a great sense of humor. Did his best to help my husband Mark and I with the swings we had. I would highly recommend going to him for your golf lessons if in the area.
– Ryan B.