Stay, Play, & Learn Golf

The Ultimate Senior Golf School “Stay, Play and Learn Golf” Experience.


First, enjoy your upgraded accommodations at the South Point Casino or The M. Our booking agent will help you with your reservations and priority pricing. Each is just 15 minutes from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas provides many choices of fantastic casinos and hotels and we acknowledge that you may prefer to make your own reservations.

Bob offers his clients the privilege of practicing and learning at the front or back tee at the Revere Golf Club. The Revere presents a blend of beauty and challenge unlike any other in southern Nevada. Draped through the rugged desert canyons and valleys of the Las Vegas foothills, The Revere Golf Club offers unending, awe-inspiring views of the Las Vegas Skyline and mountains beyond, Additionally, If you want to play after your lessons, then we can secure tee times at this challenging and picturesque 36 hole golf facility. The amenities, views, and layout of the facilities and golf course make this a must-see golf destination.

Bob Byman offers the most effective golf instruction and coaching available today. With 40+ years of competitive golf and 36+ years of teaching and coaching the game, his skills and passion ensure your short-term and long improvement in the game.

We know that either of our hotel choices, the Revere Golf Club and practice facilities, and the expertise and experience of Bob Byman, will give you a unique and memorable Senior Golf School experience that you will want to enjoy time and time again. Come and stay, play, and learn golf!